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This is not a political organization and we have one agenda: to inform and instruct “everyday” people (not police, not martial arts specialists, not the armed forces). We teach you how to be safe by being aware of your surroundings; how to get out of a bad situation and in the final or last resort use a pistol, if you wish to take your training that far…firearm training IS NOT REQUIRED.

I have one requirement of all students: What we teach is for your self-defense and your personal protection. We ask you to promise you will never use what you learn from us to be the aggressor or to take advantage of anyone. What you learn is to protect yourself or another less capable…not to attack!



Handgun purchase and Carry Permit issuance has grown over 50 percent the last 10 years. In Pennsylvania alone background checks as monitored by the FBI have risen from 500,000 to nearly 1,000,000 in that same 10 years. Some people say the increase is due to potential laws controlling or banning firearms. Some say that people are uneasy or afraid. Many say that it is a combination of these and other factors.

My goal is to provide information and training to help people be safe! There is more to being safe than carrying a firearm. I believe people want to be responsible. No one puts their teenage son or daughter behind the wheel of a car without some training and practice. No one buys a motorcycle or snow mobile and takes off down the road or mountain without at least some training and practice. The State of Pennsylvania requires a certain process and license before we can operate certain vehicles on the public highways. I have a Driver’s License with a CDL and a Motorcycle endorsement for which I studied, was tested, had a permit and took a test to get.

Did you know in Pennsylvania if you don’t have a criminal record (or if the system doesn’t find your record) you can walk into any store that sells Firearms and Ammunition and have a loaded gun in your hand in under one hour! I have purchased on line and picked up in the store and in the parking lot in 20 minutes!

It varies by County, but in Cumberland County I got my carry permit in 2 weeks for $20.

In the State of Pennsylvania there is no waiting period, no required training to purchase a firearm… To get a hunting license you need a basic safety course. To get a carry permit there is a waiting period that varies by County but no training, practice or testing is required.

Now that scares me.

I know some people, some of them family, a few friends… that I feel should NOT BE ARMED! No way!

So my personal mission is to educate, train, teach, inform, help anyone who wants to be safe, whether it’s carry a firearm or just know how to defend yourself.

I am a Certified Trainer in many Safety Disciplines. I am expanding my Certifications in Firearm Safety and developing courses and training seminars to address the needs of the people looking for self-protection. I offer a free (no charge) seminar to any group offering an acceptable venue (place to present my seminar).

I also offer one on one and small group or family training at reasonable fees.

I am not in this to make my fortune. My goal is to have a safer place to live for my family and friends and to help everyone else, whether they take my course or not, be safe in Pennsylvania!


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