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Self Defense Syllabus

Self-Defense has several prerequisites:
You need to be in average condition, good enough to sustain yourself long enough to get away; the element of surprise or a quick response to catch your attacker unaware is important; and you need to remember the a-b-c's. See our FAQ page for more information.

Avoidance and Awareness are the first choice.

Basics: don't be a victim; act wisely with knowledge and learn how to block, counter and escape.

Control :self control; emotional control and control the situation.

Avoidance means if you can avoid an attack, that's your best choice. Awareness means be aware of the area, the places people could hide and your exposure.

Suggestions: park in a safe spot; bring a friend; look ahead and around... don't be distracted and don't give an attacker the opportunity to attack you!

We do offer training for the basics. If you were in a crowd and you were going to rob someone who looks easy? Don't be the 'easy looking' one. People wearing expensive coats and jewelry; carrying bags from expensive stores; looking like they are lost or distracted... easy victims.

Self control is a big deal... if you fall down crying or start screaming it may not end up well. A lot of adrenaline is going to enter your blood. We can teach you how to use that. We will give you a ping pong ball as a reminder!

Our Video section has some self defense techniques and we have a section for women. Please contact us if you have any questions. Be safe!

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