Resource Links

There are several web sites that can assist you in finding out about firearm safety; some are listed below:

The Fire Arm Blog is one of our favorites:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation also provides good training information.

Of course the NRA also can provide information as well as locations of classes in your area.

Your local Sportsman’s Club is also a great place for less expensive lessons; meeting people who can share their knowledge and experience as well as being a great place to shoot and have fun:

Harrisburg Hunters’ & Anglers (I am a member).

Mechanicsburg Sportsmens’ Protective Association (I am a member).

Just GOOGLE “Gun Clubs in (your home town)” and you can get a list of local clubs. Give them a call for information. Many of the websites are not up to the minute information. These clubs are run and maintained by volunteers. That keeps their costs down, but also makes it hard to maintain their web site.

I have visited and shot at both HH&A and MSA and they are dedicated people who offer their time and efforts to sponsor Youth Programs in Archery, BB Gun and Air Soft as well as many Adult Programs and Social Events.