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PLEASE NOTE: BeSafeinPA.com is a Personal Protection, Self-Defense and Firearm Safety Information and Instruction site. It is designed to inform and train the novice or inexperienced person and also provide additional information and training to the experienced, but non-professional civilian. BeSafeinPA.com provides non-political information that has been vetted; a place to ask questions and an FAQ page to share current trending questions and information. The web site is designed to be dynamic and flexible, changing as needed and as requested by the people who interact with it.

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The NRA is presently in the news due to gun control issues as it has a very strong political arm. For our purposes the NRA is the single, largest and “best source” for Firearm Safety Training. Like the American Red Cross, the NRA provides Instructor Certification, Classes and Information that will help you Be Safe! We do not take a position in this site on the political position of the NRA or the American Red Cross or any other such organization. We single out the NRA as one of the most reliable sources for Firearm Training.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is also a good source of Shooting, Hunting, Safety and other information.

CAUTION: Please take care in exploring the World Wide Web. For many reasons, but particularly for the following reasons:

  • The information may or may not be reliable
  • The services may or may not be trustworthy
  • Some things you cannot learn from reading or video alone

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