Training Requirements

For Advanced Pistol Training we require a copy of your NRA Pistol Training Certificate (We offer the NRA Courses if you need Certification); Legal Photo I.D. (Driver’s License) and a copy of your Carry Permit (if you have one). The first class will be a refresher in Firearm Safety and an evaluation by our Instructors. The evaluation section is not part your training fee. We reserve the right to return any funds to you and refuse training anyone we feel is not ready for our training or dismiss anyone from training who is exhibiting unsafe behavior or in any way inhibiting other students from learning.

We also recommend that you join a Club for at least one year so you can practice. You are welcome to return to any of our paid classes for free once you have completed one of our paid courses. Please contact us to make arrangements, please do not just show up.

For Self-Defense Training we are not the Armed Forces or your local Gym, but we do require a certain physical capability for certain training sessions. If you are disabled or somehow physically challenged (or just getting older like many of us) we will develop a custom program for you at no additional charge. You may not be able to attend a standard program due to a handicap or physical disability, but we will develop a custom program for you at no additional charge.

Training disclaimer: Our methods are based on well known national and international methods. We make no claims that you will become an ‘expert’ based on our training or that our training applies to every situation and is universally applicable. Our goal is to inform, answer questions and teach methods which will make you a safer firearm user and/or reduce your exposure to unsafe situations and hopefully allow you to get out of an unsafe situation. No methodology, training, information, etc. can guarantee safety in every situation.

Fees: Our fees are based on costs. We ask our students to provide a venue for our free Seminar so we can keep it as a free Seminar. We ask our Advanced Firearm Students to take the NRA Basic Pistol Course (we offer NRA Courses) which is offered at many Clubs for a minimal cost. We ask you to provide your own gun and ammunition or we will provide to you at cost (normally just the ammunition/we do not sell firearms). Our Self-Defense training can be held in public places or minimal charging locations. Equipment is provided for training and Students need only dress for a low impact work out. No special devices or clothing is required.

If you have an issue with any of our fees or training or trainers please contact the Founder of or leave a message for him at the toll free number listed above. We assure you a response in less than 24 hours.

Our goal is to help you learn how to be safe and not be afraid! Information and training are the key to reaching that goal. We pride ourselves in providing quality services at the fairest prices possible. Our primary objective is to help anyone who wishes to do so… Be Safe!

We welcome your comments and input!

Thank you,

Dom DeSantis, Founder of