You Can Train Your Brain!

Prove it to yourself… relocate your home or office phone, trash can or other item you use every day. Move your toothbrush to the other side of the sink. Put your socks on before or after your pants… change something basic you do essentially unconsciously every day. What happens?

The phone rings and you reach for it where it use to be… You toss trash into the empty corner where your trash can used to be… You find it incredibly challenging to change the way you put on your socks… Why?

We can use this in many positive ways, but in self-defense it is vitally important. If you learn to play football in one afternoon, does that make you a champion? You may have natural ability and true talent, but you will never master the game without continued training and practice. Self-Defense is very much the same. We can show you techniques, you can watch videos and read books, but until you physically train and practice your brain won’t unconsciously help you.

Once you learn and master techniques, you must practice. Such repetition trains your brain and tones muscles you may not use every day. The goal is to have you react properly, per technique, in a split second… thinking about it gives your adversary an advantage… You want that advantage!