Letter From The Founder

To All Who Visit Our Site and All Future Members:

Welcome to BeSafeinPA.com!

First and foremost please excuse our appearance and be patient with us. We are still in the process of putting things together.

Second, we urge you to give us your input. This site is designed to be interactive and dynamic… Without your input it will be nothing!

Finally, we respect your right of the free speech, but we are not a police site. We do not wish to take sides or present, support or over discuss a political issue.

BeSafeinPA.com was developed based on my experience in finding information on Firearm Safety in Pennsylvania. I expanded the site to include self-protection and self-defense after speaking to many students, particularly women, who said they needed more information and training to feel safe.

In researching information for the site I have found many differing opinions from the extreme ‘left’ to the extreme ‘right’. My decision to be non-political or not support one side or the other has been more difficult than I thought. I do have many factual videos and links on the site. Some of the links do go to organizations who do support a political agenda. Our intent is NOT to support a political agenda and we welcome your comments… Please!

Although I hope you will judge BeSafeinPA.com on its own merits and also provide input for changes to make it more of what you want, many have asked about my background. I was born in Southeast Pennsylvania in a suburb of Philadelphia. Although I did some shooting with rifles in the Boy Scouts and some BB Rifle experience I had little interest in Firearms growing up. I did spend some time in New Jersey and New York and I worked in some tough areas. I had some Martial Arts training when I was younger, but did receive a low grade belt in Go Ju Ryu Karatedo from Jundokan International when I was older.

I do not compare myself to any great people, such as Benjamin Franklin or George Washington or other well known, but deceased person. I also do not emulate any great living person. I like to refer to myself as average. I probably do everything the average, normal American does every day… Go to work, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and go home and watch TV. I am more than slightly over weight, I enjoy the outdoors and walking, but I am not a hiker. I was on the swim team in college and played touch football a lot, but I wouldn’t think of doing either for fun or exercise at this point in my life.

I have never been mugged or robbed or held at gunpoint or knife at my throat or had my life threatened by another… But I have spoken to people who have. After listening, discussing and in many cases, crying with the other person I have one mission in life… I do not want to be a victim!

The saddest part of many of these stories is that the person could have avoided the situation that led to their attack in most cases.

My goal with BeSafeinPA.com is to gather information, answer questions, provide training and give more people the opportunity to avoid being a victim… My goal is to help you be safe.

Please feel free to contact me with your comments and suggestions… We need your input… Help us help others be safe!

Thank you,

Dom DeSantis, Founder